100 Years Air Traffic Control

Standing Committees

The GHATCA EC shall supervise the formation of standing committees to assist in running the Association. The responsibilities of the four standing committees are as follows:

Technical Committee

This committee is responsible for technical matters affecting the Air Traffic Control Section. The TC will monitor the performance of ATC equipment, make recommendations to management with regard to purchasing new equipment, assessing new procedures and equipment for ATC operations.
The technical committee shall be part of the committee involved in the choosing and purchasing of equipment to be used in work for ATC.
Will take part in investigating all incidents and accidents involving controllers.
Would be responsible for the implementation of IFATCA Technical policies relevant to GHATCA.

Professional Committee

This committee will be concerned with all matters concerning the licensing of controllers, organizing symposia aimed at improving the knowledge and skill of controllers as well as educating the public on the functions of air traffic control.
Would also be responsible for all matters relating to the promotion and transfer of staff. 
Would be responsible for inter-unit relations and any matter relating to the general welfare of the Air Traffic Control Profession. Will also be responsible for preparing a working paper for IFATCA on professional matters. 
Will also contact ILO, TUC and other organizations and institutions with the aim of improving the welfare of the members of the Association.
Will be responsible for matters relating to training and working environment with the view to ensure a safe conducive working environment.
Would be responsible for the implementation of the IFATCA professional policies relevant to GHATCA.

Finance Committee

The finance committee shall be responsible for all financial matters of the Association. Shall be responsible for devising means of ensuring that money due to the association is paid in and also ensure that it is able to meet all the financial obligations of the Association.
The FC will look for means of investing the finances of the association with the view to strengthening the financial base of the association.

Regional Committees

The outstation shall each elect one representative to liaise between the station and the headquarters and submit reports at the AGM.