100 Years Air Traffic Control

Deputy President

Deputy President – Charles Appiah

The Deputy President shall assist the president in the running of the Association. He/she shall be responsible for the supervision of the work programs of all ad-hoc committees of the Association.
He/she shall act as President in the absence of the President and perform any other functions assigned by the Executive Council. The deputy president shall closely monitor the activities of the association in order to initiate actions for the enactment of by-laws. 

Charles Appiah

Charles is an air traffic controller with over 21 years of experience. He is a watch manager at the Accra Control Center. He has valid ratings in aerodrome, approach procedural, approach surveillance, area procedural, and area surveillance. He was elected as the GHATCA deputy president in 2019. Due to the confidence members have in his professional and technical abilities, he was re-elected in 2021.