100 Years Air Traffic Control

Our Objectives

  • To organize civil air traffic controllers all over Ghana into a recognized Professional body.

  • To promote Safety, Efficiency and Regularity in air navigation within the Accra Flight Information Region.

  • To assist and advise in the development of procedures and facilities necessary and useful for the safety of International Air Traffic.

  • To promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among Air Traffic Controllers in Ghana.

  • To represent the interest of members both individually and collectively in all negotiations

  • To seek intelligent and honorable cooperation with all persons, bodies and organizations either directly engaged in aviation or interested in the advancement of the aviation industry, particularly in the field of air traffic control.

  •  To seek the assistance of labour and management consultants, neutral third parties during meditation and or voluntary arbitration.

  • To assume such other role or responsibility as shall be consistent with the above-mentioned objectives.