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26TH IFATCA AFM Regional Meeting, 28 - 30 October 2015

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Professional Values

The Safe, orderly and expeditious operation of aircraft in the Accra Flight Information Region has been largely entrusted in the hands of the members of GHATCA. This places members of GHATCA, whatever their role, in a special position of responsibility which requires exceptionally high standards of behavior and conduct.

Members of GHATCA shall endeavor to keep abreast with scientific and technical developments within the profession, and shall constantly strive for improvements. Members shall also base their professional practice on safe and sound principles.
Members of GHATCA therefore adhere to a very high professional code of conduct to ensure the safe, efficient, orderly and expeditious flow of aircraft and also to provide the peaceful working environment and to inspire public confidence in Air Traffic Controllers in Ghana.

It goes without saying that in order to uphold this level of professionalism, members of GHATCA must be given an unparalleled and favorable professional deal in all aspects of the job including but not limited to;

  • The best working conditions
  • Modern and reliable equipments
  • Good peer relations
  • Good company policies and benefits
  • Work status
  • Recognition
  • Professional growth and ATC training
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards