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26TH IFATCA AFM Regional Meeting, 28 - 30 October 2015

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Welcome to GHATCA!

Welcome! to the official GHATCA website. On this website you will get a hold of all the intricate details about the activities of the Ghana Air Traffic Controllers’ Association. This website also explains the stressful but challenging work of Air Traffic Controllers in Ghana who are the default members of GHATCA. If you are a member of GHATCA, a stakeholder in the aviation community, an aviation enthusiast or a student, you’ll find unblemished information about air traffic control, how ATC works in Ghana and how to become a controller. Besides the intriguing articles and publications to help members and non-members stay abreast with the ever evolving technological and operational changes in the aviation industry, this website also presents the basic fundamentals of Air Traffic Control in the simplest and most motivating way possible with the uninitiated reader in mind. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!
-Daniel Nartey
GHATCA President


Who is a Controller?

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Air Traffic Controllers are highly trained professionals whose objective is to expedite and maintain a safe and orderly flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system.

Common ATC Activities

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Analyzing information, evaluating results to choose the best solution and solving complex problems is a routine activity performed by air traffic controllers.

How to become a Controller

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If you are considering a career as an air traffic controller, take your time and answer these questions;