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26TH IFATCA AFM Regional Meeting, 28 - 30 October 2015

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The free and fair GHATCA EC elections are held by the Electoral Committee together, where possible, with the Electoral Commission of Ghana. Contestants are elected by a secret vote and through a simple majority vote.

All eligible members desirous to contest for the Executive council positions shall collect and complete in triplicate, nomination forms from the EVP-Professional or a person authorized by him/her. The professional committee of the Association shall be the vetting committee for all elections.

If at the close of nominations, only one person files nomination for any particular position, he/she shall be deemed as elected unopposed. Where at any ballot between two contestants, the votes cast are equal, there shall be run-off until one of them obtains a simple majority.

For further details of the election process, please refer to the GHATCA constitution or consult GHATCA EC.