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26TH IFATCA AFM Regional Meeting, 28 - 30 October 2015

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Discover GHATCA

Ghana is a contracting state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and she owes a duty to the Aviation Community in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices prescribed by the World Civil Aviation regulatory body pursuant to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

This obligation involves ensuring the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic which devolves on the Air Traffic Control Officers of Ghana. The task of Air Traffic Control is a delicate one involving an ever growing fleet of faster and more complex aircraft, operating within a non-expanding airspace. It is imperative that Air Traffic Controllers perform their duties efficiently with all dedication, employing the latest techniques and tools of their profession under suitable working conditions, in the interest of the safety of world aviation.

The Ghana Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (GHATCA) is therefore a non-profit professional association that represents Air Traffic Control Officers in Ghana for the attainment of all the pre-requisites of EFFICIENCY in the discharge of our DELICATE and NOBLE TASK.